Social Publishing

The entertainment landscape has been changing since the internet became a household resource, but the reason for it can still be a mystery to a lot of people. “Content is king” is a common phrase even to people outside that world of marketing and content creation. Peel back one more layer and you stumble across the world of social publishing, the world of content creation designed to be shared and connect consumers to the brands they care about.

So what exactly is social publishing? Chances are if you’ve scrolled through Facebook, or if you’ve been on the internet at all, then you’ve come across it. Blogs, Youtube videos, and articles are all examples, whether it’s user-generated or company generated. This content is usually free, designed to connect, and build some sort of following or brand awareness. It’s important for companies to realize this, because one way or another it will affect business, and the successful companies will be the ones that can harness it to their advantage.

Companies can benefit primarily in two ways. The first is by going out and creating the content themselves. This offers control of the branding to the company, and they can be specific about how they want to offer value with their content and what the messaging about the company might be. An example might be a business that sells grills putting out a Youtube video on the best way to clean grills. A consumer will search for this video, with or without knowledge of the brand, which will allow the business to further establish itself as experts in that industry.for

The second way businesses are effected would be when the users generate content. For example, that same customer might go on to make their own video on which cleaning method worked well for them, but they do it with a different grill from a different grill manufacturer. Now two videos there are two videos competing, but one builds brand identity for the competition. There are a number of outcomes when the user generates content, but ultimately, the brands no longer have control of the brand image.

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