How to Use Waves Tune Real-Time


In this video I went in depth on how to use the Waves Tune Real-Time plug-in. It’s a really powerful tool IF you know how to use it, so I wanted to go super in-depth to show show all the features. It’s a lot simpler and straight forward when compared to the similar Antares Auto-Tune, but it does take a little more effort to get the exact sound you might be looking for.

Most importantly, it is generally priced out at $79 on, which makes it significantly more affordable than other vocal tuners on the market, and with the amount of sales that Waves runs, you can likely get it for even cheaper.

The two features I miss from Antares Auto-Tune would have to be a formant filter (or throat length as AT calls it) and a vibrato generator. These tools would really boost the usability of this plug-in, so if those are important to you, you might have to shell out the extra cash and go for Antares.

Thanks for watching!

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